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We implement your projects successfully in Great Britain

The best IT-experts for your business

Our team of highly qualified developers from Romania and the Ukraine offer you the complete services spectrum from UX / UI-Design to numerous programming languages.
IT Projekte erfolgreich realisieren
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Find your nearest software developers in Eastern Europe

Our highly qualified development team from Eastern Europe can be integrated flexibly and seamlessly into your organization structure as remote as well as onsite.

IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing of your entire projects

Your partner for industrial outsourcing in the areas of development, production, BPO, quality as well as administration.

Personal Outstaffing

IT Outstaffing

Dedicated development teams

With our reliable and flexible service, we can meet your staffing needs by qualified employees.


IT Recruiting

Taking over personnel recruitment

We provide modern recruiting campaigns, classical personnel consulting and staffing in Eastern Europe.

Hire the best programmers & engineers in Eastern Europe

Developers on demand

Our success in filling challenging positions & implementing demanding projects by IT-professionals and managerial staff is based first of all on expertise, decisive industry focus and our own development locations in Eastern Europe with highly educated IT-experts.

All developers and IT-professionals of ours have excellent education/ specialized studies and implement for years technically challenging IT-projects. With each assignment, we bring you combined knowledge, experience engagement in your software projects.

Depending on job, project, scope and duration you can hire us on fixed term on-site in your enterprise or classically as remote nearshore team with local project management in your local language. For permanent employment our qualified recruiting team is at your disposal.

Our Team

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Contact us now via email, phone, WhatsApp or Skype. We are also glad to provide you with live support for a personal conversation on site.
15 years’ experience in IT/ Recruiting and Development

Why BSBV is a right partner

In addition to our budget prices in software development, transparent contracts, high flexibility and clear communication, we offer you a lot of know how in different branches and business functions.
  • Because we have over 15 years’ experience and know how in personnel recruiting and active sourcing of professionals and managerial staff, agile project management, as well as project outsourcing.
  • Because our processes are efficient and simple. With us you get not only a personal support of our personnel recruitment consultants and also online-access to a large database of specialist staff and managers.
  • Because our highly qualified developers and IT experts in all technologies have the technical know-how and the necessary experience to implement your project on time with the highest professionalism.
The decisive success factor for your company

Highly qualified and motivated staff

in a timely manner and flexibly available!

That's where our core expertise lies. We meet your staffing needs of qualified professionals in the short term. It doesn’t matter, whether in permanent or temporary employment, or in the form of a complete project takeover with a contract for services.

Nearshore & Onsite IT-Outsourcing / Personal Recruiting

We provide you professional personnel and nearshore IT-outsourcing-services from Eastern Europe in different regional locations for long-term customer relationships.

Our core competencies include creating and managing nearshore development teams and IT professionals with guaranteed seamless integration into your organization structure. We have 15 years of practical experience and know-how in agile project management, software development, as well as recruiting IT-professionals.

In our development locations in Ukraine and Romania we have in-house recruiter to hire the highly educated university graduates and senior professionals for your IT-projects.

Ukraine and Romania are among the leading nations in information technologies with regard to the size of the IT outsourcing market and the IT talent pool

According to PwC these two countries belong to 20 largest exporters of IT-services in the world. More than 70 % of all exporters of IT-services are software development and outsourcing services.

With us you benefit from reliable European standards, fair prices, the same mentality and contractual certainty through our subsidiaries with regional contact persons.

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Contact us now via email, phone, WhatsApp or Skype. We are also glad to provide you with live support for a personal conversation on site.

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Jürgen Schmitt
Mobil: 0163 - 89 611 89


Tel.: 0931 - 45 24 24 3
Skype: Clientsupport24


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IT-Outsourcing & Software Development

Wir sind eine erfahrene US-Softwareentwicklungs- und IT-Beratungsfirma und verfügen in Rumänien und der Ukraine über bestens ausgebildete Expertenteams für Ihre IT-Projekte.

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